Saturday, February 21, 2009

WaFfLe pArTy TiMe

At the start of each new semester at BYU-I, Ryley throws a waffle party. (Devin bought an industrial strength waffle iron on E-bay-out bid a little old lady at the last minute.) So this semester is no different. There was probably about 40 hungry college students and we went through 2 bags of waffle mix, 2 dozen eggs, 2 pounds of butter, and 8 times the recipe of butter milk syrup.

Easton is amazed because a girl Mary broke the record for most waffles ate. The new record is now 19 waffles. We would have taken her picture but she suddenly had to leave?!

Everybody eats in shifts-gathering around the table having a great time!

Making their way down the Waffle Island!

Ry and Chelse snapping some shots!

Travis telling stories as he loads his plate.

Garett and Rachel are the same height-great day for Garett sad day for Rachel. Don't worry Rachel we all know great things come in small packages!

Brian Spaulding the old married man makes a visit without his wife-sorry Natalie we missed you, hope the test went good!

Rachel, Melissa, and Ryan-our back up kitchen crew making more syrup!

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