Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hayden's Slide Show

Hayden turned 18 on April 22. This slide show is dedicated to him. I am going to warn you that Hayden has never taken a bad picture-he is photogenic. We love you Hayden and can't believe it has been 18 wonderful years, we are going to miss you this summer as you leave for your great adventure in Juneau, Alaska.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday HAYDEN!

This is Hayden peacefully sleeping on April 22nd the day of his 18th birthday but he is about to be woken up for the traditional breakfast in bed. The menu for Hayden was crepes of course.

Hayden with his new Analog shirt, any thing Analog makes him happy!

A new camera for his trip to Alaska this summer and for his mission in a year!

This is where Hayden choose to go for his birthday dinner-yes the "Taco Wagon". It sits in the middle of a parking lot and the wind was blowing so hard we ordered and all went to our separate cars to wait for it to be made. The following pictures will let you know just how redneck a birthday can be in Idaho. We all ended up eating in separate cars and just smiling and looking at each other as we enjoyed that birthday dinner together!

Hayden and Drew drinking their Mexican sodas. Drew is just happy to be here!

Garett and Devin waiting in the back seat.

Easton sipping his Mango soda-yeah they are dang good!

Ry hanging out waiting for food!

Can you say Chicken Quesadilla?

YUM! Go Chelse!

Laura Mumm digging in!

Hayden and Greg. Greg invited all of Hayden's friends over for his birthday. They made waffles and rode skate boards on the half pipe in the back yard.

Dishing up the Score Cake!

Hayden lighting matches on the cake because we didn't have enough candles.


This year we did our Easter Egg dying on Thursday before Easter because on Friday Danny and Branae were leaving for Philadelphia for the summer, and Ashley is leaving for Provo on Sunday. Wow are things changing at the Shaum's. We had our first official cookout with Chicken and grilled veggies. Yeah I can't wait for summer it was so yummie. This year I bought two dying kits so we would have plenty and not wait for a color. Easter egg dying is always interesting at the Shaum house it doesn't take long for the tape and glue gun to get out and the creative juices start flowing.

Mixing the colors!

Yeah I think we will have enough colors this year!

Danny is starting to get into the swing of things. Some of the eggs he made said philly and APX of course-go Danny go!

Hayden and Easton getting ready to get creative!

The concentration is intense!

Ry and Chelse getting creative with the glue gun!

This was the finished product of Ry that started cracking when he tried to pull off the glue. I think it looks pretty cool.

Ashley is the master artist recreating the famous painting of "A Starry Night".

The finished products what a great time we all had, we finished about
11:30 p.m.

Some of the eggs we had about 5 dozen and they couldn't all fit in the basket! Family isn't it about time!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easton's School Dance Recital-Burn baby burn

Easton and his group of students waiting their turn-sorry they are blurry.

Easton getting ready for the big dance-make sure you watch the video!!

WaSHingTON d.c.

In March Devin and Hayden took a trip to Washington D.C. They had a great time and was able to see a lot of places and people. Hayden has had an interest in the government since taking a class in high school. It was a good experience to see things up close and personal! The following pictures are the ones Hayden took-he and Devin had a contest I will publish some of Devin's later when he down loads them.

The flight over to D.C.

Arlington Cemetery

A touch of spring in D.C.

When Hayden watched the inauguration of O'Bama they talked about the mall and when he got to see what the "Mall" actually was. He was surprised. This is the Washington Monument right in the middle of the Mall.

Washinton D.C. Temple-nothing quite so spectacular!

Korean War Monument

The White house up close and personal! They were arrested just shortly after this picture was taken. (jk)

Changing of the guard at the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier". Garett wanted to know what the name of the soldier was....

Hayden cruising the streets of D.C. They did a lot walking!