Friday, November 12, 2010

Go Dogs Go!!!!

This is what happens when someone wants to store their Go-Karts at our house for the past 5 years. Yeah it was time to play and have fun. We went to the church parking lot-after driving them down the Archer Highway- and had a blast! Thanks Dale!

It didn't take long to figure out what Kart was fastest and they all wanted that one. They came up with a game that they would drive and at the signal everyone had to get out and find a new Kart, kinda like musical chairs.

There were no wrecks but some close calls as they would play tag with the Karts.

On your mark get set GO!!!

The little neighbor girl was too short to push the pedal so I would work the gas and she would drive, we had a blast together! This was a fun way to finish up the summer!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HuCkLe BeRRy TiME!!!

If this truck looks familiar to you than you probably have been huckleberry picking with us. Old Blue makes the trip again to our secret spot-Huckleberry Valley. The picking this year were plentiful and a little bit of heaven on earth. Our family loves to pick huckleberries each year, I even think that the boys probably got almost a half gallon between them-most of it by Garett.

This year we went with the Fisher's and the Neeley's.

Yeah I know we look pretty red neck but that is what great memories are made of!

If you look close at the dirt and mud on Brett's face some of it is green-yeah he fell in a cow pie but kept on going!!!

Kara and Lee measuring the "fruits of their labors"

The Neeley's-Jeff, Brett, Lindsay, and Danzel

A snake to make the trip complete!

This was one of my favorite pictures!
AJ and Abby

I love Huckleberries!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Time! Stoker Reunion 2010-Bear Lake

This woman is the one of the people to blame. She did it she Started this all! My MOM is the most amazing person and because of her our family can experience JOY. Every summer the Dale and Linda Stoker family reunites and has a great time together. We make it simple but we have a lot of fun! This picture was taken in a ravine where we were rappelling, she said to me "I think I could do if I could just get over the edge". She is 82 and is always willing to have fun! Thank you Mom for instilling that sense of adventure in us all! WE LOVE YOU!!!

You gotta have the right toys at the party and some how those Call boys always show up with fun in mind. Thank you Nate and Matt for your willingness to share the JOY!

Anybody and their dog can come to the Stoker Family Reunion!

This year at our reunion we had a wake up call on how fragile life can be. Dax-Jaime's oldest son was having terrible headaches and throwing up but they decided to come to the reunion anyways. After one night of pain and misery Jaime took Dax and went to seek help, a few hours later and some test results back Dax was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The mood at the reunion changed immediately and the family rallied around the Steve Jensen Family to get them packed up so they could head to Salt Lake and be with Jaime and Dax. Dax just finished a round of chemo and radiation and got to go to Disneyland with his family. Are prayers are always with him and his family-We love you Dax!

Hayden decided to teach the art of Ninja to the young generation!

Lynn I know your eyes are shut but I love this picture of you and Nate-who could not be proud of a son like that!

Jill and Bill our heroes! Thank you so much for planning such a great reunion! We had such an amazing time and you two made it all possible!

Family Fun down in the hole rappelling!