Friday, July 31, 2009

Easton gets his Arrow of LIght!

Easton the scouter dude!

Easton and Adam get their Arrow of Light

Way to Easton we are proud of you!

Running the Hoback!

The Gang-There was 13 of us

Easton and Chans

Ash, Dev, Me, Ry, Chelse, Garett, and Easton

Rare picture of Devin-he never gets in the photos he is always taking them. The camera went off when he was setting the timer mode.

The raft and the foreign exchange student

Sara, Chans, Ry, Chelse, and Otosellio

Chelse and Garett!

Last Saturday July 25 we decided to go run the Hoback. We had an amazing time and thought we would make two runs but only ended up making one fabulous one. So needless to say the water proof camera got left in the car. We stopped at Lunch counter and some of us rode threw in our life jackets. It was pretty exciting I must admit. We also stopped at the Rock and Ashley jumped off along with others. Way to go Ash-she is affraid of heights-or should I say way to go Ryley for pushing her!