Thursday, January 1, 2009

After The Picture Shoot

This the Maddox Lodge where we got our pictures taken!

Garett took these pictures of Ainsley-this is our favorite!

Baby Ainsley enjoying the dinner!

Lindsay and Montana

Grandpa and his words of wisdom-We love you!

Brinnley with a smile!

Rachel and Benson-love the food!

Alyssa launching her singing career-notice the position of her hand she is a natural!

Ry and Chelse

Tayson wearing his food instead of eating it!

Sleep Kaley Sleep you deserve it after 3 nights on and no food

The head table

Tade being serious

Andy is just happy to be here

can you tell that Benson sat close to us- he was in all the pictures

December 27-The miracle day- Pictures with the WHOLE Shaum family

On December 27 at Maddox (Grandpa and Grandma Williams were probably there) the Shaum family got together for a family picture. Lindsay Romer is the miracle worker and the one who planned the whole thing-thank you Lindsay you are amazing. I don't know if you can count them but there are 51 people in the Jack and Jean Shaum posterity! We love you Grandpa and Grandma, thank you for being such good examples in our lives, you are the strongest link in our chain!

51 Family Members; 4 children; 21 grand children; 13 great grand children; and spouses!

All because two people fell in love!

The original beginnings!

One big happy family with the spouses!

Natalie and Ainsley

Grandpa and Grandma Stucki and their 12 grandchildren!

The Stucki Clan!

Grandma and her grand daughters- each ones knows that they are the favorite!

Grandpa and his boys-can you say lets go to the barn!

Easton-are we done yet?

Garett-I have a secret and I am not telling!

Hayden you never take a bad picture!

Ryley and Chelse-no they are not engaged, still dating!

Danny and Branae- still smiling after 9 months!

Ashley and Mom

Devin, Kim and Family-We are family...

Lindsay Jo the miracle worker!

Hugh and Teresa and the gang!

Uncle Stetson and baby Brinnley

Lee, Kara, and the family and their first grand daughter Brinnley!

December 26-Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's Shaum's

We stayed home for Christmas this year and made a quick trip down on the 26th and back on the 27th-I don't even think we were there for 24 hours, but any time with Grandma and Grandpa is priceless. We opened our gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and the usual shouting, screaming, and whistling went on. The best part is to hear Grandma and Grandpa tell us how much we mean to them and how much they love us. We LoVe YoU TwO even more!

Grandma with the famous excited look that she always has during Christmas!!

Stetson and Hayden opening their gifts.

Dani, Abby, and Ashley trying to decide if grandma would notice if Dani stood in for round two of the gift giving.

The joke was on Danny this year and we all got a kick out of it. This year for the Devin and Kim Shaum family we drew names and decided that everyone would buy each other a book. We opened our books on Christmas but Danny and Branae weren't there-they were in Franklin with the Porter's. Devin got a world map book, I got a book from Garett that he made in school and it is his life history, Ryley got a gift certificate to go to the Face Reader so he can be read like a book, Ashley got a piano book, Hayden got a book on graphic design, Garett got a book on sport facts, Easton got a book on how to make radio's and alarms. So when we finished Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa we asked if we could finish our Christmas. I had Danny's name and Devin being the practical joker that he is had a great idea of buying a book at DI and cutting the center out and putting some AR15 bullets inside. So Devin found a perfect book something on physical and mental health. I wrapped it up and gave it too him after our Christmas was done with the Shaum's. but before it I gave Danny some big speech about how this book has meant a lot to Devin and I in our marriage and we just wanted him to have it to help him and Branae-I even almost cried it was an amazing performance. It was silent as everyone watched Danny open the book. If you could of seen the look on Danny and Branae's face along with every one else as he read the title. Needless to say he finally opened the book and there was nothing but laughter-so this next picture and the one before are from that moment. We love you Danny thanks for being a good sport and promise me you won't use those bullets on me!
All Branae could say was I never saw that book in our house growing up?!

December 24, 2008

You are probably wondering why I put this blurry crazy picture up for Christmas Eve? These are the only pictures we took on Christmas Eve I think we were too busy having fun with the Fishers and eating that we forgot to capture the moment. For the Shaum's sake the highlight of the food was Grandma Jean's Christmas Triffle-thanks grandma for the fun tradition. Fisher's brought up their WII and we had a box off between the Fisher's and the Shaum's. We all took turns fighting each other and when it was all over the score was 72 to 0. The Fisher's did an old fashion whipping on the Shaum's. Devin is a little worried if Fisher's are missing church to practice. Needless to say WE STINK!!! We had a great time! Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 20-Ginger Bread Houses!

This year for Christmas I have tried to do things before so that I don't wake up Christmas morning and feel that Christmas is all over and I missed it. This is the second year that we have done ginger bread houses and I think in about 5 years we will be pro's. Ashley, Branae, and Danny did the Aloha Shack and Easton, Aj and Garett did the traditional ginger bread house. We had a great time creating and being together!
The front of the Aloha Shack!

This is the back side of the Aloha shack. Notice the party lights oh  yeah! The roof is made out of shredded wheat-we are down to about 20 boxes left of the 110. We will do anything to get rid of them.

This is the boys creation and yes they did it all by themselves except for a little help spreading the frosting and rolling out the stain glass windows. You can tell it is the boys because there has to be a car involved!

Having fun with the journey!

Branae and Danny and the master piece. I think we are obsessed with the back side of the house and the party lights!

The proud boys!