Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 24, 2008

You are probably wondering why I put this blurry crazy picture up for Christmas Eve? These are the only pictures we took on Christmas Eve I think we were too busy having fun with the Fishers and eating that we forgot to capture the moment. For the Shaum's sake the highlight of the food was Grandma Jean's Christmas Triffle-thanks grandma for the fun tradition. Fisher's brought up their WII and we had a box off between the Fisher's and the Shaum's. We all took turns fighting each other and when it was all over the score was 72 to 0. The Fisher's did an old fashion whipping on the Shaum's. Devin is a little worried if Fisher's are missing church to practice. Needless to say WE STINK!!! We had a great time! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Kaley said...

Go MOM!! You rock! Love, Kaley