Thursday, January 1, 2009

After The Picture Shoot

This the Maddox Lodge where we got our pictures taken!

Garett took these pictures of Ainsley-this is our favorite!

Baby Ainsley enjoying the dinner!

Lindsay and Montana

Grandpa and his words of wisdom-We love you!

Brinnley with a smile!

Rachel and Benson-love the food!

Alyssa launching her singing career-notice the position of her hand she is a natural!

Ry and Chelse

Tayson wearing his food instead of eating it!

Sleep Kaley Sleep you deserve it after 3 nights on and no food

The head table

Tade being serious

Andy is just happy to be here

can you tell that Benson sat close to us- he was in all the pictures


Mary Z said...

Wow, when you catch up you really catch up. I love all the pictures. It is so hard to get everyone together.

Dream Weaver Family said...

wow kim, I what a nice looking family! That picture of the baby is so sweet, she looks so peaceful. Great pictures.