Thursday, September 8, 2011

The SUmMEr Project

I have finally finished my summer project, not that it took me that long but just getting to it and finishing it. I love this swing and got it for my birthday like 10 years ago, well with time it got a bit tattered and worn. I fond memories of sitting on the swing with my kids enjoying those summer nights. So all summer long all I wanted to do is sit on the swing and enjoy summer.


So here is the finished project and it has been nice to sit in the swing with Devin and Easton (Garett is too busy yet). I just wish my other kids would come home so I can sit and swing with them!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

GiRLs Camp Craft

GIrls Camp CraftThis year at Girls Camp our theme is WE BELIEVE; WE SEEK to go along with this years theme. This is the craft that we came up with for the young women!
GIrls Camp Craft
GIrls Camp Craft
GIrls Camp Craft

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Discatta Devin

YummynessThis year for Devin's birthday we cooked out on his discatta that he got from a friend at work. She lives in the Colonies and this is one way they prepare food. It was so yummie and colorful! What a party, Happy 29 Devin!
The stuff
The Chef
The Egbert'sOur Friends the Egberts!
The gang
Devin's cake

My fourth of July Craft

Blue one
red one

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BrAnAe and dAnNy'S graduation!

Danny and Branae have graduated this spring and we are so excited for them and this mile stone in their lives. Danny Graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Business and Branae graduated from the Paul Mitchell Hair Academy-she is officially a licensed cosmetologist!

Danny's Graduation April 2011

Danny's Parents Doug and Debbie
Danny, Branae and His parents Doug and Debbie

Danny the Graduate

Branae getting her Award
Branae receiving her diploma!

Danny and Branae and Nae's graudation May 2011

Branae and her learning leaders
Branae and some of her learning leaders!

Ashley Tingey and Branae
Branae and Ashley Tingey-two classy women!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Want to BE a MISSIONARY noW!

Elder Shaum

Elder Shaum

The Mission Call
The Mission Call

Chile, Santiago West Mission; Leaving April 6th
Elder Shaum you are here by called to
serve in Chile Santiago West Mission,
You will leave on April 6th!

The final Hair cut
The final Hair cut by Branae

Being set apart
Elder Shaum being set apart.

Good-Bye Grandma D'Hulst

Front porch picture time


Good-Bye Grandpa and Grandma
Shaum-see you in two years!

A final love from Grandpa and Grandma Shaum!

Pic's at the Provo Temple.

Elder Johnson greeting Elder Shaum at the curb-he is going to
the same mission Hayden is!!

The District
The District-Chile Santiago West Mission-Hayden companion is
the suntan one in the middle!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Eagle had Landed!

Almost two years ago Hayden completed his Eagle project and now he is officially and Eagle. We finally held his court of honor and he is an Eagle Scout!

Ryley was the one who presented his Eagle to him!

Devin did the Eagle charge. He talked about how Hayden's scout experiences helped him the summer he worked in Alaska and how he had to save some peoples lives. Can you tell Devin is rowing the boat?

Hayden we are proud of you and your example to your younger brothers-sorry it took so long to finally get your Eagle presented to you!

(P.S. Hayden had his wisdom teeth pulled three days before, still a little swollen in the face but still so good looking!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Holidays

This year for the Holidays we were all able to get together after Christmas and it just happened to be Ashley's birthday!!! So we decided to go skating.( We tried to build an ice rink in the back yard like the good ole days but the weather was not cooperating.) We had a great time together!

Abby and Whitney

Hayden making sure everyone stays on their toes!

I love having older children-they are so much fun!

Ryley the official hockey dude-check out the gloves!

Ry and Chels

Ash and Alden

Danny and Nae

The Gang!

Easton and AJ