Sunday, September 28, 2008


There is a Surgeon-Dr. Christensen- at the hospital where I work at that is famous for growing Giant pumpkins. This year we got some seeds from him and tried our hand at it. We got a late start and didn't plant them until the end of April by this time Dr. C's pumpkins already had 12 foot runners off his. He has it down to a fine science, there is a four page single spaced detailed outline on how to grow them. Saturday was the weigh off day and everyone could bring their pumpkins to his house to be weighed and have a pot luck dinner. We didn't take ours because we knew that they would not even hold a candle so we left them home in the garden to grow until the frost comes!

Garett's pumpkin!

Easton's pumpkin!

Close up of the biggest of our pumpkins we are guessing about 50-60 lbs.

Some one brought a watermelon to the weigh off. It weighed 92 lbs.

This is a picture of Dr. Christensen with the biggest pumpkin of this year weighing 1003 lbs. His pumpkin last year beat the state record at 1040. This one was 38 lbs. short of beating the record.

Easton and Braden standing by the big pumpkin.

Here is the competition. Can you say pumpkin pie?!!

Ryley trying to lift the big one! Don't strain yourself.

The official weigh in. 1003 lbs.

Holden, Garett, Easton, and Braden with the winner!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Before the SnOw fLieS!

I suddenly get this urgent feeling to try and do all those things I wanted to do this past summer but let time slip away from me. With the change of the season you can feel fall in the air and we know that snow is not that far away. Some of the family members went to climb the Butte south of Rexburg. It started pouring just as we started to leave the drive way but we decided that we were going for it any way. As we got closer to the Butte there were rain clouds all around the valley but none over the Butte. We had a wonderful time with the temperature being just right and having the opportunity to appreciate all of Gods creations. WE are so blessed to live in this place at this time and with the people we love!

The top of the Butte-Eevee, Ryley, Chelse, Easton, and Kim.

Climbing the bowl Easton was worried for Eevee and I think Eevee was worried for Easton!

A boy and his dog!

Our favorite picture that Ryley took.

A view from the top looking out towards our home!

Hole in the wall-Ry and Chelse.

Can you see me now?

The beauties of fall!

Back down the trail!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kumar, Julio, and Harold

The boys have been after me to put pictures of their turtles on the blog so here is goes. I think that it is pet day at the Shaum's. The turtles are red eared sliders.

This is Easton with Kumar the biggest turtle.

The turtle in his left hand is Harold.

The turtle in the middle is Julio. I think these turtles work for singular! (or apx)

Harold and Julio-there are also 4 gold fish to keep them company.

Kumar the beast!

We have ANTS!

Garett got an ant farm for his birthday in November 2007. It was too cold to ship the ants so we waited till spring and then it was too hot to ship the ants(it had to be below 85 degrees for 10 days). Guess what came in the mail today???  ANTS!!!!!!

Notice the tube connected to the side of the ant farm. The ants are in there, we had to put them in the fridge for 15 minutes so they could be loaded into the farm. 

Look closely and you can see the ants!

Garett, Easton and Holden