Friday, September 5, 2008

Kumar, Julio, and Harold

The boys have been after me to put pictures of their turtles on the blog so here is goes. I think that it is pet day at the Shaum's. The turtles are red eared sliders.

This is Easton with Kumar the biggest turtle.

The turtle in his left hand is Harold.

The turtle in the middle is Julio. I think these turtles work for singular! (or apx)

Harold and Julio-there are also 4 gold fish to keep them company.

Kumar the beast!


Mary Z said...

Hey, you got the turtles posted. Not sure I need turtles in my house. Do they eat the gold fish?
Just curious where you found the Rexburg Temple picture?
(The resaon I ask is because I took that picture). It was used in the Temple Celebration at the Dedication. If you want a print I have some.

The Idaho Shaum's said...

Mary, I found that picture by googling. It is a way awesome picture I love it-you took an amazing shot. I would love a copy of it sometime. It was good to see you in the ER the other day. I was going to talk to you but you were in a deep conversation with Tauna. The turtles did eat some of the fish about 3 but these have managed to survive. The boys caught frog today and put them in with the fish we will see if they eat them-Crazy boys!

Trujillo family said...

So this is what I have to look forward to with my boys?!! I am excited for that day! I have always wanted a turtle. The ant farm is awesome too! Almost a year late!! Miss you guys!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Cute family! You are a patient one.....I remember the days of gerbils, spiders and frogs. We never did the turtles...icky.

You are awesome!