Monday, September 22, 2008

Before the SnOw fLieS!

I suddenly get this urgent feeling to try and do all those things I wanted to do this past summer but let time slip away from me. With the change of the season you can feel fall in the air and we know that snow is not that far away. Some of the family members went to climb the Butte south of Rexburg. It started pouring just as we started to leave the drive way but we decided that we were going for it any way. As we got closer to the Butte there were rain clouds all around the valley but none over the Butte. We had a wonderful time with the temperature being just right and having the opportunity to appreciate all of Gods creations. WE are so blessed to live in this place at this time and with the people we love!

The top of the Butte-Eevee, Ryley, Chelse, Easton, and Kim.

Climbing the bowl Easton was worried for Eevee and I think Eevee was worried for Easton!

A boy and his dog!

Our favorite picture that Ryley took.

A view from the top looking out towards our home!

Hole in the wall-Ry and Chelse.

Can you see me now?

The beauties of fall!

Back down the trail!


Lindsay and David said...

I miss you guys! I might come up next monday, to hand in my BSN application. There is no way I will have in all done to mail it! Hope you guys are doing great! Love ya tons!

Kirsten and Brandon said...

Hi Shaums! I found your blog somehow... I miss Idaho's fall already (we are in Las Vegas right now)! Take a look at my blog it's

Kirsten (Reed) Arthur

Jenaca Williams said...

SHAUMS =).... it was so fun to get a comment from you on my blog! I hope everything is going great and I cant wait to come back to rexburg in January and see you guys... and off course eat delicious waffles!