Sunday, June 28, 2009

HaPPy FatHeRs DAy-DaD

For the past three years our family has gone to the local air show in Rexburg. A local aviator, John Bagley, puts on the air show all at his expense. John has a lot of WWII air planes that take flight and roar in the sky as they buzz the airport every year along with friends that have planes that come and join him. This year as I was sitting in my lounge chair watching the airplanes fly by and do all their amazing tricks as I looked around at my boys-Ry, Garett, and Easton, along with Chelse and my husband Devin I realized how come I love coming to the air show and always feel a peace and sense of calm. My Dad was a pilot and enjoyed flying and taking people to places for the weekend. I always knew when my Dad was home from a trip because he would fly over our house-or buzz the house to let us know to go to the airport and pick him up. The level of excitment would raise as we would here the roar of the plane flying over head. We lived next to a mountain so it was a little tricky for my Dad not getting to close but close enough that he would have a ride home. I remember time after time driving across town to get to the airport and the excitement of picking him up. In January of 1979 my Dad left for a usual trip to California only this time he was never able to buzz the house again. His plane crashed just after take off at the Spanish Fork Airport. So as I sat at the air show on June 20 I got the feeling again and again that my Dad was coming home. It was like I got to spend the day with my Dad. I love the sound of an airplane flying over head. Thanks Dad and I love you!!