Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday HAYDEN!

This is Hayden peacefully sleeping on April 22nd the day of his 18th birthday but he is about to be woken up for the traditional breakfast in bed. The menu for Hayden was crepes of course.

Hayden with his new Analog shirt, any thing Analog makes him happy!

A new camera for his trip to Alaska this summer and for his mission in a year!

This is where Hayden choose to go for his birthday dinner-yes the "Taco Wagon". It sits in the middle of a parking lot and the wind was blowing so hard we ordered and all went to our separate cars to wait for it to be made. The following pictures will let you know just how redneck a birthday can be in Idaho. We all ended up eating in separate cars and just smiling and looking at each other as we enjoyed that birthday dinner together!

Hayden and Drew drinking their Mexican sodas. Drew is just happy to be here!

Garett and Devin waiting in the back seat.

Easton sipping his Mango soda-yeah they are dang good!

Ry hanging out waiting for food!

Can you say Chicken Quesadilla?

YUM! Go Chelse!

Laura Mumm digging in!

Hayden and Greg. Greg invited all of Hayden's friends over for his birthday. They made waffles and rode skate boards on the half pipe in the back yard.

Dishing up the Score Cake!

Hayden lighting matches on the cake because we didn't have enough candles.


Trujillo family said...

What a bunch of REDNECKS!!J/K Happy Birthday Hayden!! I cannot believe you are already 18! I still remember when Natalie and I watched you while your parents went to Hawaii a long time ago and you were sassin' your mom the day she came home! Awesome birthday dinner and birthday party! I also have to say what a fun easter decorating night! Everyone did amazing!! Say hi to all the fam for us.

Ashley said...

Hahah. I love it....I love it so much that I am ticked that I missed it. Taco wagon... thats the best. NACHOOOO!!!!