Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Branae's surprise Birthday Party

Sunday the family got together and had a surprise birthday party for Branae. The Fisher's came up for the cake and ice cream part.

Branae eating her cake that Ashley made for her.

Ashley is quite the baker. She Made this 6 layer cake for Branae.

Ashley added her own touches to the cake to make is special for Branae.

If you are wondering, yes this cake tastes as good as it looks.

Our cousin AJ came up to Ashley and said this was the best cake that her had ever had! Thanks Ashley for sharing your talents and Happy Birthday Branae we love YOU!


sandtreasures said...

Are you amazing or what. The cake is beautiful. Can you teach me how to make something that wonderful. Happy Birthday Branae!!

Lindsay and David said...

K Ash, give up the secret ganache recipe for smooth frosting, ganache style! Seriously sweet cake!

Trujillo family said...

Love the cake! I think for the girls reunion you need to teach us all how to make it! You have an amazing talent!

Matt and Jess Call said...

So cute!! What are the flowers made out of? Ashlee you are super talented but what else could we have expected from Kim's daughter?

Hendry Happenings said...

Wow! I have made a three layer cake before and decided that I would stick with two layers. It looks beautiful. I just noticed that your temp. is 19 degrees. BBRRR!

The Stucki's said...

Happy birthday Branae. What a cute and talented family!