Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ok I have to just brag about my son Ryley for a minute so stay with me now for a minute.

This is Ryley, yeah he looks a little crazy and his mind is always going on what he can do or get into next...

This is Ryley in his early years, young, cute, innocent, a face that any one could love but wait...

This is the Ryley as we know him, he was hungry and was going to fix that problem-making himself some dinner or was he really looking for the secret treat stash in the cupboard?

This is the car that we bought over a year ago that had been wrecked and we had it fixed up and flew out to Washington D.C. to pick it up. When we got there the people that were fixing it gave us some lame excuse that they couldn't put the new dash board in- the old one had been ruined when the air bag went off on the passenger side. The workers gladly handed us a new dash board that they had and wished us a happy trip home. Needless to say that the trip across country suddenly became a little bit cramped for the boys in the back seat. The dash has been sitting in my garage for about a 1 1/2. I have gotten several appraisals and to replace the dash that I already have was going to cost me about $650 for the labor.  I just couldn't bring myself to paying that and you know it is easy to get used to things the way they are. Well about 2 weeks ago Ryley and I were heading home from town and he starts to pull things off my dash board. I said "what do you think you are doing?" Ryley says "I think that I could fix your dash for you." All I could say is I don't want a torn apart car that I can't drive and I have to work at six!

Well the next few pictures tells you what happened next. Yeah he tore into the car!

This what I visioned that I would be driving when things started to go bad.

More pictures of the torn apart car-man I can't even begin to think I could put that back together.

I am glad to report that this story ends good. RYLEY FIXED MY CAR! Ry had to unhook the driver airbag replaced the passenger air bag and in this process take off the steering wheel. He fixed my car put it back together and had it finished in about 4 1/2 hours where he showed up at my work with my car all intact and looking better than before! Yeah who would of thought that cute, mischievous boy could do some thing like this-Ryley there is nothing you can't do-I love that you have part of Grandpa Stoker in you!


Samantha said...

He's truly a great guy!! Keep him around for a while- you're own Mr. Fix-it!! :)

Jeff said...

Impressive Ryley! How many rolls of duct tape did you use?