Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Stoker Family Reunion-Big Elk Creek, Idaho 2008

This year the Stoker reunion was held at Big Elk Creek Campground located about 4 miles past the Palisades Dam in good old Idaho. We had a great time even though we got rained on a lot. I think when the Stoker's meet the heavens weep. Next year we are planning the reunion on the day in the summer that usually gets the least amount of rain and then we can smash so old records. We did a whole lot of rafting but I don't have any pictures so if any one wants to email me some I will add them to the blog. It was a blast lots of water fights and some crazy rapids. Thank you Gary and Raeann for all  your hard work in making the reunion so  fun! This is a link to go view photos of the river running. We could only find the one photo of the green boat on that thursday first trip down, for some reason they didn't want pictures of an albatrose! 

Having fun on the water.

Go Chancy!


The cousins.

Meagan in deep thought.

Easton takes a whack at Nemo!

Smile if your having fun!

Hey Melissa what you thinking?

Anna and Jeff

That is too much thinking going on.

Life for Travis outside the hospital.

Erin is just happy to be here!

The treasures divided after the conquering of Nemo!

Callaway show the girls how to brake Nemo!

Matt and Jori are wondering when it is there turn.

Swing Carrington swing!

Wait till we get our hands on Nemo, he is going down!

Go pooty go!

Honey don't worry pooty is a slugger!

Audry you are going to have to wait to get your swing at Nemo, maybe next year!

Ash love that smile!

After the rain.

Ashton you look too clean!

Mom quit worrying we are all here and safe!

Sherol and Dave

Don't cry Hayd the water isn't that cold!


Jeff relax we are on vacation.

Chancey love the dew!!!

Trevor waiting to dive in the float boat on the dock.

Jump East the Beast!

Jessica and Kenny

You go Ren take control!

Love that wake boarding!

Logan and Amy and their colgate smiles!


Morgan on the dock.

HIT IT! The ride from the boat launch to the floating dock, glad Meagan could rescue them!

I am bad ya know it!

Whose next?

The Master boat people Jared and Jodi.

Addie and her Dad (Jared) in their boat! Thanks for bring the boat Jared and Melissa it was a blast!!

King of the raft-the younger kids weren't on the boat so they had a good old time of jumping off the edge of the dock (it was all enclosed 4 docks in a square) and trying to take over the raft!

Chancy and the Stoker studds! Austin, Zach, Jace and Eric in the back ground.


Matt and Jess Call said...

I saw your blog address on one of Lynn's emails! Way cute. The reunion looks like it was a lot of fun! Our blog is

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