Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grandpa's surprise Birthday party

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Montana  eyeing over the food.

Izzy love that smile-Cheese!

Brauch in deep thought.

Natalie we love that smile!

What could be better food, family, and a giant
cupcake for Grandpa's birthday!

I have yet to see a bad picture of

Bethany is still happy she graduated!!!!

Ashley and Ainsley-two babes!

Alisa the Shaum's have more to eat than a fork!

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Fisher Family said...

Hey Idaho Shaums!! This is Abby from Montana!!:)( and my family) saying we love you guys and miss you!! Your blog is so funny it got my mom rolling on the ground!! Isn't that just like her!! hope to see you soon!!:)
Abby( and the Family)