Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The first day of school!

Walking out to the bus!

Is the bus coming yet?

Easton looking cool and ready for school. Easton is going into the 5th grade this year and he and Garett will be riding the same bus and going to the same school. Yeah!

Well it is tradition to get pictures on the first day of school and yes here we go it it August 20 and we are already starting school. Garett is going to be in 7th.

Hayden is going to be a senior this year at Madison High. As you can tell Hayden is trying to make a fashion statement about what to wear on the first day of school. So much for all those new clothes we bought off whiskeymilitia?

Look everybody I got braces this summer!!!!

Smile for the camera!

Do these guys work for singular?

Killing time before the bus comes in the back yard.

Garett doing a heel flip!

Last night Hayden volunteered to store a half pipe in our back yard.

Riding the half pipe!

Garett doing an ollie!

Video of Hayden on the half pipe-sorry I couldn't get the video to flip.


Danny & Branae Porter said...

East a beast and gar-bear sweet shoes! it's crazy to me that you guys are both now going to the middle school! my little brothers are growing up so fast...Hay'd sweet outfit ha ha way to dare to be different! oh i didn't realize that, that was a half pipe wow that's sweet! you guys will have to learn some sweet tricks on it so you can show danny and I when we get back! sure love you guys! please try to slow down on the growing up part..ha ha

Trujillo family said...

Oh and I was thinking they looked more like APX salesmen! j/k Danny!

Matt and Jess Call said...

Kim, I would love to make some for Branae or I know how crafty you are I can just make one and send it to you and you could copy it, whatever you want! Your right, we wold have so much fun if we lived by each other!!

Mallory said...

Hi Kim! I found your blog from matt and Jess. I can't believe how big your boys are! I don't think I would recognize them in passing. I wish we could have made it to the family reunion, I would love to see everybody. we're shooting for next year.

Mary Z said...

OK Kim, I just saw this on Tauna's blog. Crazy world. When we were hanging out in YW your kids were little. Yikes how time flies. Fun to see your blog. (Mary Zollinger by the way).