Friday, May 8, 2009

RyLeY and ChELsE are OfFicaLLy EnGaGed

This is Ry and Chelse getting ready to start their adventure. Chelse finally gets to see what Ryley has up his sleeve. They decided to ride Devin's motorbike on their date. Ry made a scavanger hunt going places that they had been on dates and other fun things they have done together.

Ryley and Chelse arrive at Crest Creek, half froze but in love!

Chelse gets her first clue. Ry made he hike all the way to the top to get it and then take the long road to hike to the bottom

Snapping pictures along the path.

Chelse get her second clue at our house.

The third clue at the apartment building where they meet-officially.

The splash park-yeah she had to go down the slide to get it-good thing there was no water or should I say ice-dang its cold here.

The next clue was suppose to have a tandem bike to ride for the next half of the adventure but they were all rented out-that is why the sad face.

Danny and Branae do you recognize this bush?

This clue was in the locked cases at D.I., one of their favorite places to hit the bargins.

Millhallow, Chelse's favorite spot to eat-they picked up some sandwiches while they were there.

SnowOasis-Chelse's next favortrite spot. A true Idahoian can eat snow cones even when it is freezing outside! Did we mention that Chelse is from Bear Lake, Idaho.

Ryley made Chelse a long board that he hand painted-the picture was one that Chelse had doodled clear back in September that Ryley had kept.

Ry and Chelse eating their food finally after he proposed-the proposal is on a video. They are sitting on the blanket that Ry made for Chelse with her favorite pair of jeans being sewed to the center because they were beyond repair. Ry put the ring in the pocket of the jeans and she felt the box when she sat on the quilt.

The ring and now it is offical-tenative date August 21!


Ashley said...

Well hot dang! YeaH go ry go. I'm totally siked for you two :) Love the ring!

Trujillo family said...

sound like we just need to move to Utah from June to the end of august with all thats going on this summer! congrats guys! your awesome.

Julie M. said...

Hooray! This is Julie..Chelse's sister in law (married to Lane). Thanks for posting pictures!! We are so stoked and LOVE Ryley. My girls especially! ;) Let us know if we can help (even though I'm clear acrossed the country), and we'll do whatever we can! And if for some odd reason you find a brown maternity bridesmaid-ish dress.....let me know! haha!

Danny & Branae Porter said...

YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!! Congrats! I am so excited for you two! Ry you did an awesome job with the long board and the quilt!! Wow you are an awesome fiance! I love you both! and chels i love the beautiful!! Congrats! :)

Mary Z said...

Fun day for them. Thanks for sharing it.

The Stucki's said...

CONGRATS!!! We are so excited for you. What a darling couple! We love you!

sandtreasures said...

Yeah!! We are excited to have another awsome women in the family! Happy Wedding planning!

Lindsay and David said...

How exciting, Congrats to both of you. 2 weddings in August for the Shaum family, lets just plan a reunion in Island park right in the middle.

Madison Bradshaw said...

yay!! i am so happy for you guys!!! i love you both so much!! miss ya!

Dream Weaver Family said...

That was a really cool idea you had Riley, for asking someone to marry you. I was lucky and got to see that great quilt Riley created for the big occasion, it was unbelievable, what a talented guy(I'm sure you got thst from your talented Mother) Congrats to you both!!

Hendry Happenings said...

How exciting! Ryley's engagement made me feel really ripped off. He is a chip off the old block, creativity seems to flow in this family.