Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Morning-Shooting Guns

Thanksgiving morning a bunch of us went up in the hills behind mom's house and did some skeet shouting. Yeah there were so many weapons and bullets that Obama would have been shaking in his boots. We had a great time and a few of the more seasoned shooters brought ear plugs. Danny's AR15 had to be the loudest as it echoed down a big pipe-it sounded like a cruise ship leaving the harbor. We all had a great time and I felt a lot safer knowing that I will be protected by the people in my family and their amazing accuracy!

Tyler wondering when it is his turn!

Chancey avoiding noise from the arsenal of guns.

You really want us to shoot guns?

Lyman throwing clay pidgeons

Gary throwing clay pidgeons

Chelse and Ry taking aim

We're bad and we know it!

She's got a weapon and she is not afraid to use it!

Danny-the mighty hunter!

Look what Danny has taught Branae-she so dangerous!

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Matt and Jess Call said...

cute pictures!! Will you email me the pictures that you took at dinner my email is, Thanks Jess